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Can your customers find you on their mobile devices? January 23, 2014

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There are already millions of consumers who rely on mobile devices to research new products, locate new businesses and purchase services.  When setting your 2014 priorities, be sure that a mobile website is on your must-have list. Here are three reasons why a mobile site can greatly benefit your business:

Reach your customers on the go. Audiences are trying to quickly get directions to your business, find your phone number and purchase your products. Trying to access a traditional website that has not been mobile optimized is frustrating because it is time-consuming and difficult to navigate.

Stay competitive. Failing to embrace a mobile site can hold you back. If the information housed on your website is not easily and immediately accessible, your visitors are likely to go somewhere else.  By launching a mobile website, your business has a chance to stand out and create positive impressions to your prospects and potential customers.

Your information can easily be shared. If your website is mobile-friendly, it will let customers share news, updates and promotions with their friends right from their mobile devices.

Having a mobile website creates a win-win situation for you and your customers. So what are you waiting for? Let EscapeWire Solutions help your business prosper through this rapidly growing mobile market.  Call us today at (716) 893-4984.


Working with your MSP Efficiently January 14, 2014

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Because managed service providers (MSPs) may be entrusted with some of your most valuable data and systems, it is important to define the type of working relationship that fits your business.  Listed below are some tips on how an organization can ensure a successful partnership with an MSP.

Establish trust. Provide your MSP with 100% visibility to all levels and departments within your organization. This allows for the MSP to tackle the challenges of your organization.

Define roles and manage expectations Give your service provider a specific outline of the services you are looking for and what you are hoping to achieve. This way, they can utilize the best suppliers and get you the greatest cost savings.

Create communication procedures. Make sure that you open healthy channels of feedback and communication. Come to an agreement on how communications between your organization and the managed services provider will work.

Get your internal team onboard.  Some employees see MSPs as a threat to their jobs, creating tension and a difficult working environment. Be sure your team understands that the purpose of the MSP is to take tedious work off their hands so they can focus on more important business functions.

At EscapeWire Solutions, we believe in developing a long term relationships with our clients and attribute our growth and success to our client’s growth, success and satisfaction with our services.  To learn more about a partnership with EscapeWire Solutions give us a call at (716) 893-4984.

Starting a company? Your digital to-do list December 2, 2013

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Starting a business can be a daunting endeavor, especially if you do not have all the tech tools needed to be successful. Small- and medium-sized businesses are increasingly relying on new technology solutions to strengthen their product development, marketing and customer engagement activities. Technology should be seen as a means for growing businesses and gaining operational efficiencies. Keeping value, quality, time and style in mind, here is a list of four essential tools that every startup arsenal should have.

Anti-virus tool. Network security needs to be taken seriously since the safety of your business depends on strong anti-virus and firewall software. It’s also important to make sure your anti-virus software is always running the latest signature files and is installed on all computers.

Backup system. Even if you do most of your business online or use cloud services, you’ll probably end up with some local files storage. Having the ability to recover from hard drive failure, user error, disasters, or an accident is important for your business continuity.

Web presence. Having a website is essential in today’s business world and a high-quality investment. Register a URL that is relevant to your company and make sure your site is easy to navigate. Not having an effective website eliminates opportunities for new customers and potential profit.

Business telephone system. Your primary means of communicating with customers and vendors will occur over the telephone. Understanding what services, features and options are available will help buy the right size and right priced phone system for your business.

There are many challenges that every startup faces. EscapeWire offers an expert technical consultancy service that gets information, tools, and services into the hands of business owners. If you are ready to grow your business, give us a call today (716) 893-4984!

Virus vs. Malware November 14, 2013

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New malware and viruses continue to circulate and present a real danger to individuals’ computer systems, files and information. All computer systems can suffer from these attacks. Many PC users consider malware, viruses, spyware, adware, worms, and Trojans as the same thing. While all these infections harm our computers, they are not the same. They are all types of malicious software that behave differently from the other. The best form of defense is preventative. With a good understanding of what you’re up against, and the right tools, you can keep your PC safe.

Viruses are unwanted and malicious code that deletes, edits, and/or adds files in the hope of being destructive. Viruses are a specific type of malware designed to replicate and spread. The purpose of the anti-virus software is to detect and clean any virus from a computer. As new viruses are created, definitions will change and increase. Updating your anti-virus software guarantees that your computer is protected against any newly developed viruses

Malware is a broad term used to describe all sorts of unwanted or malicious code. Malware includes any software that harms a system, data or applications. The general rule is that if a program installs itself without user knowledge or consent, it is considered malware. Antimalware is a program that defends against all malware. The main malware groups are: Trojans, viruses, spyware, adware, worms, rootkits, and phishing. Simply put there are seven major threats and anti-virus software only protects you against one of those seven.

Contact EscapeWire immediately if you suspect that a malicious program has infiltrated your security, or for basic countermeasures one can adopt to protect against them.


I.P. surveillance: keeping people and property secure October 30, 2013

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EscapeWire Solutions offers a wide range of cost-effective, high quality wireless and wired network camera solutions for securing people and property, remotely monitoring equipment and facilities, and for transmitting live images and sounds. EscapeWire’s Internet protocol (I.P.)-based digital surveillance systems offer high quality video streams, remote accessibility, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, integration and future-proof functionality, and superior image quality. This versatile technology can be used for a vast number of applications in a variety of different sectors:

Hospitality. I.P. surveillance makes the security of your guest, property and employees the highest priority. With a carefully considered system of security cameras and in-house monitoring, your property will be secure and your guests will have the peace of mind they deserve.

Education. Security surveillance and the remote monitoring of playground areas, corridors, halls and classrooms increase the security for students and staff. These systems prevent violence, theft, and vandalism and overall make educational institutions a safer place. The complete system is easily connected to the school’s existing network and computers, which keeps installation and maintenance costs low.

Manufacturing. In manufacturing plants and warehouse facilities, network cameras can easily become a valuable tool to increase production efficiency. It gives staff visual access to critical points along the production line. In addition to added productivity, network cameras can detect potentially dangerous incidents at an early stage. The prevention of costly production jams saves companies substantial amounts of money.

If you are ready to make security a top priority, contact EscapeWire Solutions today!

Freedom to Focus September 18, 2013

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Any problem that prohibits you or your employees from working is bad for business. Downtime means that potential sales are being lost, employees are not working and clients are exposed to a possible weakness in your organization. One of the most common issues that result in downtime occurs when a company network goes down. This can happen for any number of reasons, none of which excuse the reality that money is being lost as well as the freedom to focus on what matters. There are many solutions to ensure your network doesn’t go down, the best of which is turning to the experts—experts like Escapewire Solutions.

Managed service providers (MSPs) can provide your company with the resources and expertise needed to keep the business running without interruption. Handing the reins over to MSPs prevents downtime work loss due to problems with IT. There are many benefits of working with an MSP and the following represent a select few:

  • Cost – MSPs are a more affordable option than hiring a full-time IT professional. Rather than hiring someone for an average of $58,000 annually, you can hire an outside company for a fraction of the cost.
  • Expertise – MSPs work with a wide range of clients. In doing so, they amass a tremendous pool of talent and resources that can go to bat for your company.
  • Growth – Focusing on helping to reach your company’s goals is the primary objective for any quality MSP. While working alongside your internal team, a good MSP will help put together the right IT plan for your company’s needs both now and in the future.


MSPs can handle the stress of managing your business’ IT, freeing you to focus on what matters: growing your business. The first hurdle is finding the right MSP for your company. Escapewire Solutions has worked to reach all of our partner’s goals, and can help your IT work more efficiently toward the goals of your company.

Network Security September 4, 2013

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With the growing threat of cyberattacks, the question of whether your network is secure or not is something that everyone should consider. As companies like Google and Intel are the targets of numerous cyber attacks, businesses of all sizes must take careful measures to ensure that their networks are secure. Network security may seem a daunting task for some, but there are a few key areas of focus that can make the situation easier.

  • Keep it simple – Having a complex network is asking for something to go wrong. The more moving parts in the network the more hassle to maintain and the more likely that an error could occur exposing a potential weakness. Simpler networks will ensure that they can be more easily used and used correctly.
  •  Promote productivity – The only completely secure network is one that no one uses. Make sure that your network is secure, but not to the point that it will affect productivity. Reduce as much risk as possible by educating users in safe computing habits.
  • Invest in your Network – For many businesses it is hard to see IT expenditures as more than a drain on the budget. Changing this mindset is key to not only making sure your network is secure, but also having an IT infrastructure that can promote growth. View IT as an investment in the security of the business. The more efficient and secure your network is the more likely your business can function without interruptions.

Network security is important for any business. Do not let your business get caught up in the next wave of cyberattacks. Here at EscapeWire Solutions, we can help businesses of all sizes ensure that they are safe and secure when it comes to network security.

Escapewire Solutions Presents: ShoreTel IP Phone Systems July 23, 2013

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As an avid Escapewire Solutions blog reader, you are probably already familiar with our IP PBX phone system. IP PBX is a phone system used in hotels that provides an affordable and easy to use hosted solution. However, are you familiar with our other phone system, ShoreTel IP? ShoreTel is a phone system that is fully integrated and can be used from just one person to thousands of people. If you can believe it, ShoreTel is believed to be the easiest system to use—even easier than IP PBX. This is because ShoreTel brings businesses unified communications through one singular system. What are some other features of ShoreTel that are important to your business? Read on.

Availability. ShoreTel has 99.999 percent availability. How is this possible? The answer is simple: within the ShoreTel platform there is no room for failure. Should there be WAN (wide area network) failure, ShoreTel continues to operate on the PSTN (public switched telephone network).

Cost of ownership. As far as phone solutions go, ShoreTel offers the lowest cost of total ownership. This is because ShoreTel helps businesses streamline their communication, and it eliminates the need for expensive conference services and missed calls from clients. Typically, ShoreTel customers report that they have experienced a return pn investment after only a year of service.

Anytime, anywhere. Even if you aren’t physically in the office, your clients don’t have to know that. As long as your work phone is connected to a public phone network, you can use any mobile phone as if it were your work extension—no one will know the difference. You can work wherever and whenever you want.

Interested in ShoreTel for your business? Contact Escapewire Solutions today for more information!

Network Services Provided by Escapewire Solutions June 26, 2013

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You may already know that Escapewire Solutions provides superb IT services such as digital signage and phone systems to businesses in all types of industries. But did you know we also provide network services that include its design and installation? If you didn’t, we are here to explain to you what exactly it is we do.

Practically every business requires the Internet in order to function effectively. Escapewire Solutions works to create networks that meet the strenuous demands of fast-paced businesses. Mobile technology, a key ingredient in this ongoing trend, allows businesses to complete work while not being physically on-site. We understand this is something many businesses are starting to take advantage of, so we are working to evolve with the emerging technology.

Some of our network services include, but are not limited to, an initial consultation with us, a site survey and broadband network design. We will work with you through every step of getting a new network: the design and creation, implementation, including providing service whenever issues come up. We tailor each and every network to meet a businesses’ certain requirements so your network operates as efficiently as possible.

Thinking of installing a new network? Make sure it is done right! Contact Escapewire Solutions today to work with a company who has more than 20 years of experience in this field!

Digital Signage: Why its Important May 31, 2013

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Is your company always in search of innovative ways to publicize their services? While printed collaterals are a good alternative, they sometimes don’t quite hit the sweet spot when it comes to marketing your company. This is where digital signage comes in.

Digital signage is a great tool that allows for your business to display images and sound for an interactive experience.  Oftentimes, these dynamic images and content are displayed on flat screen monitors and high-powered projector systems.

But how can digital signage work for your place of business?

Make clients feel welcome. If your business is expecting potential or current clients for an on-site visit, it is important to make them feel welcome every second they are in your office. The same “make them feel at home” atmosphere should also be applied to the hospitality industry and hotel guests. How? A simple upload of a welcome message, along with their logo and names (if applicable), is a great starting point.

Promotes events. Instead of printing out countless fliers to promote an upcoming company event, you can put it on your flat screen monitor. This way, employees will always see it. If you are in the restaurant business, you could have your menu on a monitor for patrons to look at either in the waiting area or bar before being seated.

Accessible, easy to view schedules. Through digital signage, you can also make employees aware of different schedules. For example, you could place a monitor outside of your meeting or conference room to display the schedule for the day. By doing so, employees are aware of when the rooms are available should they need to use it.

Is your business ready to go the next level with digital signage? Contact Escapewire Solutions today!